4-7-17 Yoshita, Higashiosaka 578-0924
TEL: +81-729-61-2181

Founded 1942
Capital 200,000,000 yen
Number of employees 172
Major line of business Chain blocks, railway equipment such as rail jacks
Top share products: Rail jacks (100%)
Two-stage parking hoisting device (60%)

Yoshiaki Yokoi

Developing Railway Maintenance
Through Utilization of
Chain Block Technology

.....NICH was established in the name of Nippon Chain Block Seisakusho Co., Ltd. during the war in 1942 through the merger of four companies; a steel mill and three other three companies related to casting and chains. The company then changed its name to the present name of NICH in 1971, because "Nich" had stuck as a nickname for the company.
.....In the world market of chain blocks, Japanese products occupy the majority of the share, and NICH has a top market share in Japan where there are several chain block manufacturers.
.....This is because the company has obtained strong trust from customers because of its quick response to customer needs, such as launching smaller and lighter manual chain blocks, and introducing electric chain blocks before competitors, and the company continues to improve the quality and safety of its products, makes them smaller and lighter, and develops new products for domestic use.
.....In addition, using its accumulated technology and existing equipment, the company has introduced new products to advance into new fields.
.....Based on its actual performance in delivering railway maintenance jacks to major railway companies, the company successfully developed "ballast managing equipment" after four years, which automatically performs ballast work on railway track. This work used to be done manually. The company began to deliver this to major railway companies from 1997. In order to expand the sales of this independently-developed "ballast managing equipment," and to make it into the fourth pillar of business, President Yokoi directs the management by himself. The company also obtained ISO9001 certification, and each employee is responding to changes in the industrial structure with the themes, "Let's change it" and "Let's change."