10-4 Hakodono-cho, Higashiosaka 579-8038
TEL: +81-729-81-3781

Founded 1929
Capital 90,000,000 yen
Number of employees 260
Major line of business Governors for muncipal gas,
Pressure regulators for LP gas,
Air/Water regulators,
Different varieties of valves,
Manufacture and sales of Electromagnetic valves
Top share products LP gas regulators for Industrial use

Niro Utsumi

Mobile gas generation device using Air Inhalation system(LEFT)
New Bulk Supply System(CENTER)
Automatic change-over regulator (Gas leakage detection device) (RIGHT)


.....Since 1953, ITO KOKI CO., LTD has established its position as a top manufacturer of gas regulators, pressure regulation devices, valves for Municipal gas and LP gas. Being pioneers in the field of automatic change over devices which provide a solution for smooth flow of LP gas, ITO KOKI proudly still leads the industry in this field with an overwhelming share in the manufacture of automatic change over device for business establishments and industrial use.
..... In recent years, LNG and LPG has been drawing a lot of attention as a source of clean energy to avoid air pollution and hence there is an increase in demand for business / industrial governors and regulators. With the advent of an era where competition for supply of energy is high, the company has developed a whole new system of manufacture and sales for the bulk supply of LP gas taking into thorough consideration the rationalization of delivery cost for the new system.
..... Favored by a market that was comparatively stable in its expansion, The Company 's income and profitability increased. One of the impelling factors for this increase in revenue was the untiring effort made by the company for developing new products, especially product development made jointly in collaboration with other companies. Products for gas leakage detection, devices that allows natural gas to be used like LP gas (Fig below PA-13A), gas cut-off device in case of earthquakes, LP gas forced vaporization device etc are some of the devices which have borne fruit from development done in collaboration with other companies. The company acquired the ISO9001 certification in the year 1998 and is focusing its attention not only on the domestic market, but also the overseas market. Starting with the induction of trainees from china, establishment of the Korean ITO CO., LTD in the year 1997, plans for further business growth into the Asian market with meticulous support for their products was made. The company's overseas business department was made independent and a new company "ITO-F SYSTEM CO., LTD" was established.
..... The company in its desire to coexist along with the community is striving hard to implement pollution control measures and beautification of its premises. Especially for their beautification campaign, the company put up pictures drawn by school children from the neighborhood on the outer walls of its premises that were publicized even by the mass media. With recycling in view, the company in future aims to produce products that are "ECO_FRIENDLY".