9-11 Showa-cho, Higashiosaka 579-8046
TEL: +81-729-84-3531

Founded 1933
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Number of employees 330
Major line of business Electric hair clippers, medical tools, massage equipment
Top share products Electric hair clippers (50%)
Massage equipment (50%)

Shinzo Shimizu

(upper)Electric hair clipper
25 Kinds available

(left) Massage equipment
30 Kinds available

A Pioneer in Haircutting
Tools and Medical Equipment

.....DAITO ELECTRIC MACHINE is recognized both at home and overseas as a special manufacturer of electric hair clippers and massage equipment, and is the No.1 manufacturer of electric hair clippers in the world, with a market share of more than 50%. The company manufactures 150 product types, including electric haircutting tools, medical equipment, and massage equipment, and supplies these products on an OEM basis to major electric apparatus manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and Japan. In addition, the company's brand "THRIVE" has a global market and has been steadily growing.
..... In 1933, the current president who is a tinkerer, heard one of his friends say that one day, manual hair clippers will be replaced with electric ones. He immediately made a prototype, and after two years, he established a company with his brother. The company started on the back of a truck, and then he brought hair clipper manufacturing equipment at a site where a wire drawing company was located in former Hirakata city. Later, he expanded the business, changed the organization and named it DAITO ELECTRIC MACHINE in 1950. The company began manufacture of massage equipment in 1957, and now has a number of patents. In order to expand the into the world market, the company built factories in Okayama (7,500g), and in Beijing and Suzhou, China.